The Hammock


When I first walked into our new to be home, the position of the hammock was uppermost in my mind in the garden. Whenever I have envisaged our provencal life this image has rattled around my head as the epitome of french indulgence, swinging slowly in a hammock in a sunny garden reading a good book. We usually fight over who gets it first.

Family & Friends

Summer 2016 was unforgettable when we hosted 21 members of Billy’s Irish family all the way from Donegal. 11 children slept in tents in the garden like swallows and amazons, whilst the adults BBQ’d and enjoyed good ole fashioned Irish Craic. It was the first time in France for many of them and we spent plenty of time visiting some of the glitziest places on the Riviera. A highlight was Eden Rock Hotel, where we dined by the pool after a trip down the cliff face in a glass lift. Yikes! A day at the Hotel Martinez Beach Club, and a many lazy lunchtimes in La Tieuille in the village of St Paul.

Heart of the Home

This is our entrance way. The reason I post this image is that it represents the first thing you see when you open our front door, and one of the first things I  put up in our new home when we purchased it in 2015.

I love hearts! They are everywhere in our home, they hang on door knobs sit on shelves, they are wooden, wicker, pottery, tin silver gold red! But more than just a decorating obsession they represent the love we have as a family and for our home.

Family and friends are hugely important to us and we have shared our house with many many of them since the summer of 2015. Id love to share some of those memories with you.


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